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Hi everyone,
I am Peter Lin, an avid orchid collector and hybridizer. I am originally from Taiwan and reside currently in Texas.

I started growing orchids over 30 years ago, and I turned my orchid growing into hybridizing. I started my company Big Leaf Orchids in 1996 to increase the variety in my collection (to be able to buy plants wholesale), and to specialize in Phalaenopsis orchids because of their long lasting flowers.

I took trips to Taiwan to see in person the latest Phalaenopsis development, and to hand select new varieties to add to my hybridizing and for my customers.

I specialize in growing Phalaenopsis because their flowers are long lasting, 2 to 3 months indoor and longer in a temperature controlled greenhouse. I have received
numerous AOS awards, one of the most prestigious honors for orchids. Besides Phalaenopsis, I also keep a few other orchids like Cattleya, Paphipedilum, Vanda for fun.

For hybridizing, my focus is on fragrant, waxy, and colorful flowers. This group of Phalaenopsis tend to be compact with shorter inflorescences. They are more suitable for indoor underlight culture and practical to ship.

Peter Lin

Howdy from Big Leaf Orchids, Texas, USA BigLeafOrchids_20100424_1024x768

Howdy from Big Leaf Orchids, Texas, USA F2915
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Orchids Wiki 
Wow! Nice introduction and your passion/work is so amazing.

You are also our firs user who really have practice knowledge about hybridizing.

Bulbophyllum Phalaenopsis it's so big on this foto Smile
beautiful plants and beautiful place!
I wish I could work for you! many luck in your further work!
O wow
Peter, welcome here Smile

You have amazing collection!

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