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Hi, all!!! Randy from Hawaii here. I work in a botanical garden taking care of a glass house. Kinda like a glorified park keeper. I've also worked for a couple of years in a production orchid lab and know a little bit about lab work, mainly that I don't really enjoy it!!!

I've been raising orchids for about 25 years, but have been around them all my life. My grandparents raised orchids and their interest rubbed off on me. They were never members of any groups, but I'm a member of the American Orchid Society, a life member of the Windward Orchid Society, the Honlulu Orchid Society, the Kaimuki Orchid Society, and the International Phalaenopsis Alliance. While I grow mainly Catts, my passion is my small collection of Phalaenopsis equestris and bellina. I also have a weak spot for splashed petalled mini catts. And equitants..

Randy Tajima
Orchids Wiki 
A very interesting greeting.

After this introduction, you fit me a nickname Multimemberman like some superhero Smile

Nice to meet you Randy.
same here!
I think you are so lucky being around that beautiful plants all your life + they can be in the real enviroment.
I live in Zagreb, not a great places for orchids outside and my flat is too small to have trhe real orchidarium. I have about 20 plants wich I am very proud, but orchids in Croatia are very expencive, exotic, rare and we can buy only several peaces of them:(

lucky, lucky you=)
Hello Randy! Nice to see you here with your experiences!

Thing, you are lucky living in such a beautiful country like Ceoatia. I guess that orchids can be expensive there, but you have better weather for them than I have in Poland.
Thank you, all!!! Yep, it's nice here in paradise. It's getting cold here, 79F yesterday and into the high 60's during the night. Went to 2 orchid society Christmas parties and 2 orchid nurseries in the past 2 weeks. Got 25 orchids from raffles at the society parties and about the same at the orchid nurseries. Many will become Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Hi! I'm from Katowice in Poland. My orchids have got keiki! I love orchids.
Hi Randy hejka
Welcome to orchid world. I've read your introduction. Very prestigious organisations which you already member. Have a good chance. See you kwiatek

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