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Walter from the Philippines
on 30.11.10 15:07

Wally Suarez
Wally Suarez 

I am Walter Suarez from the hot and balmy Philippines. I keep a number of plant groups, although orchids still by far surpass them in number.

I have been photographing and studying Philippine orchids for 4 years now, and have already described some new Philippine orchids, including a few sections and at least one genus, plus some name transfers.

I hope to see more of you here ok

Walter (or Wally)
Orchids Wiki
Orchids Wiki 
Welcome our new moderator!

You are very interesting and nice person. I hope that we will work very well together Smile
yo Wally!! hehe

HI to everyone,

the name's Carlo Antonio
from Rizal Province, Philippines
i've been a plant grower for over a third of my life now,
i'm 25 by the way,
am interested in any tropical lowland plants,
but orchids are among my first loves
i consider myself as an amateur horticulturist, an amateur botanist in training hehehe
and an avid plant collector hejka

Wally Suarez
Wally Suarez 
now we have two Filipino orchid nuts here! clap
it's just me who's nuts , you're a prodigy hehe pokłon
Hi Guys hejka
Nice to see You in our forum, i'm sure you are goona enjoy it and share some of your experience with us wesołek
looking forward to see some plants from your collections
Very Happy

Hi walter, i am also from the Philippines specifically in CAvite. i am so glad that there are Filipinos here. yehey

CONGRATS! to the creators of this website. KUDOS!

Godbless clap
I wish I could live where you live:( Here the winter is too strong to expose my orchids:(
I am from zagreb, croatia, by the way:)

And wishing you all the best in nursering the most beautiful plants ever!

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